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'It's a beautiful thing when you wear a uniform that represents a group of people..... it symbolises oneness, togetherness.'

Nia Long

Stevensons and Beat School Uniforms are open for online appointments and orders. See attachment at the bottom of this page on how to register.  

A uniform binds us together as a community and allows us all to relate to one another on a similar level. It provides guidelines for suitable artie in a learning environment and helps keep our appearance neat and focused. Students at STAGS are proud to wear the uniform that represents their school and visitors often comment on how well out students are presented.

All uniform must be worn correctly and sensibly. No adaptions can be made. Consequences are given for students who chose not to follow the uniform code. These are detailed in the Rewards and Consequences policy.

Years 7-11

All compulsory uniform items can be purchased from Stevensons and Beat School Uniforms. Asterixed * items must be purchased from Stevensons or Beats. The PTA also hold regular nearly new school uniform sales.

The school uniform is as follows:

Years 7 – 11
The school uniform is as follows:
Blazer Navy - (with badge)
Skirt Navy - stitched pleat skirt worn to the knee
Trousers Navy - uniform style only
Jumper Navy - with school trim
Blouse Blue - with embroidered ‘Stag’ in house colour
Top coat - plain navy, black or neutral colour (any length, reflective strips are advised)
Shoes - sturdy, low-heeled, in plain black or navy (platform soles, wedges, high heels or Converse/Vans style are not allowed). Canvas shoes are not allowed
Tights - plain navy, black or skin toned
Ankle socks - plain navy, black or white worn over the ankle (not sports socks)


Girls may wear a watch and one pair of plain small silver or gold ear studs (no diamante, pearl or clear studs). One stud should be worn in each lower lobe of the ear. If there is more than one piercing, the lowest hole should be used. Facial or body jewellery, including a tongue stud, are not allowed. Permanent tattoos are unacceptable.

Any student wishing to pierce their ears for the first time must do so at the start of the six week holiday. This is to allow time for them to heal as students must remove studs during all practical PE lessons. Tape is not permitted.

Make up and Eyelashes

Make up and false eyelashes/eyelash extensions should not be worn.

Bronzing and Self Tanning

Bronzing or self tanning products (fake tan) should not be used on any part of the body.

Hair Styles

Hair colour should be natural, with no extreme styles or obviously unnatural hair colours. This includes dip dyed and ombre styles. No fashion hair accessories to be worn. Headbands should be plain navy blue or black only.

Nail Varnish

Nail Varnish should not be worn. False nails, gels, acrylics etc. are also not allowed. 

Any student choosing to wear a headscarf must wear a secure lightweight one piece navy blue or black headscarf without pins. 

All uniform and possessions must be clearly and permanently named.

Uniform and Equipment for Physical Education


  • Navy and gold fitted polo (school badge)* – school uniform style
  • Navy and gold skort (skirt and short combi)* – school uniform style
  • Hockey socks* – navy and gold hoops – school uniform style
  • Navy and gold shorts* – school uniform style
  • White ankle socks (rounders, netball and athletics)
  • Sports Trainers (non-marking soles)
  • STAGS PE leggings*
  • Football boots
  • Swimming costume
  • Swimming hat (non-swimmers white, swimmers coloured)
  • Bag – does not have to be STAGS bag
  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads

Optional Items

  • Tracksuit (sold as separate items or as a set) *– Plain navy blue bottoms with STAGS written on the leg, school badge by the pocket.  Alternatively students can wear any plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms (open hem), but the STAGS set are preferable.            
  • Jacket* – Navy with gold PE logo
  • Hoodie* – Navy blue with PE logo

All of the above are available from Stevensons and Beat School Uniforms.

Post 16 Dress Code


Guidance & Restrictions

Skirt or full length smart trousers

No shorts

No blue or coloured denim: jeans, jackets, shorts or other accessories.

No jean-style trousers (cotton trousers that look like jeans are not acceptable)

No combat, sports excessively patterned or frayed trousers

No mini or leather skirts

No leggings (unless black and worn under a skirt of an appropriate length), ski pants or footless tights

No jeggings

No hooded tops: a hood on a jacket acceptable

No leather trousers

No sweatshirts

No tops with an obvious logo

Top with sleeves

Sleeves may be short or long. No strappy tops

Style to cover cleavage and midriff

Shirt should have a collar

Shoes, sandals or leather boots

No flip flops or sandals without a strap at back

No trainers or Converse shoes/boots, Vans or Dr Marten style boots

No rubber soled shoes

Tailored jacket

Optional, not denim or leather

Formal occasions (when Post 16 students represent the school, including presenting assemblies)


Guidance & restrictions

BLACK skirt of reasonable length or BLACK full length smart trousers

As above

BLACK or WHITE top with sleeves

As above

Boys encouraged to wear white shirt and a tie

BLACK shoes, sandals or leather boots

As above

BLACK tailored jacket


  • This dress code indicates the standard of dress expected of Post 16 students.  Hats and outdoor clothing should not normally be worn in school.  Students who attend school or school functions wearing inappropriate clothing may be sent home to change.
  • A single discreet nose stud may be worn.  Other facial jewellery and visible tattoos are not acceptable.  Students’ hair colours must be those which are naturally occurring colours (for example no purple, but brown or blonde are acceptable).
  • For PE activities, students must bring sports clothing which is not worn in school during the day.
  • All 6th form students need to wear their ID lanyard when on the school premises.

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